Sunday, January 18, 2009

Randall County Junior Livestock Show--2009

Yesterday was another great day for Sadie. Otis placed 3rd--he actually beat another lamb. Leonard placed 2nd and Sadie showed like she had been showing for years. Once again, the judge had fabulous things to say about Leonard but ended by saying he was just too small. Sadie did a nice job in showmanship. Leonard was tired and uncooperative, but Sadie never gave up. The judge had more nice comments about her and the lamb.

In the pig show, both Harry and Wilbur placed 4th. She was chosen to come back to junior showmanship and did a great job. We'll post pictures later.

T.S. had a pretty rough day. He and barn dust don't seem to agree. GeGe took him home after the lambs and came back for pigs, but I ended up having to bring him home.

Robby had a great day, too. All of his FFA kids made the sale. He's already left this morning to go to the Swisher County show.

We were so glad that so all the grandparents were there to watch and that so many of our family friends were there to help and share the day with us.

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