Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Picture of Our Week, so far

T.S. has developed asthma. It seems to be stock-show-dust-induced. We have spent every day but today at the doctor. We've been doing breathing treatments every 2 hours and we're taking oral steroids. A four year old on steroids and albuterol is an interesting thing. He has literally bounced off the walls. The good news is the steroid is clearing up his eczema and we seem to have turned the corner today. His oxygen levels are better. We'll go back to the doctor tomorrow and see where we stand.

We did find out yesterday that he does better taking the treatment if he is occupied, so today he decided to paint during a treatment.


Jen said...

TS, I am so proud of you for being big and taking your breathing treatments. What a cool mask! Love, Aunt Jen

Janda said...

Glad he is getting better.

Laura said...

Thanks, everyone! We went back to the doctor today and he is so much better. Now we can do treatments 3 times a day.