Monday, January 19, 2009

County Stock Show Pictures

Sadie with Leonard after she showed.

Sadie doing an interview on KNNK radio.

T.S. playing in the dirt. Sadie showing Wilbur.

Sadie showing Harry. Why the shot of her back? Please notice her "poop" rag in the pocket. She had to use the rag to wipe "stuff" off of the pig; then she had to keep it with her. She's definitely a serious showman since she put the rag back in her pocket.
Thanks to Connie for taking such great pictures of the pig show after I left. Sadie had a great day and was so appreciative of everyone who helped her. Pictures of Otis to follow, I'll have to get them from my father-in-law because I accidentally deleted them.


Ashly said...

great job knee always for some reason ended up being my "poop rag", so i'm glad you had one poo is definitely a stench that takes a while to wash off. :-D hope all is well...

Janda said...

Sadie did good this year she is a good show man. Jayden really enjoyed it and we are looking forward to next year.