Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

You've probably been wondering how we filled our days between Christmas and today. Let's just say cousins, cousins and more cousins with some aunts and uncles thrown in. We celebrated Christmas day with lunch at mom's with my brother and his family. My sister and her family arrived the 26th. Robby's brother's family and some friends stopped for Saturday evening on their way to Colorado. Sunday, my sister's family moved out to the farm to make room at mom's for my Aunt and her family from Abbott. We went to my aunt's for Tirey Christmas on Sunday as well. I'm afraid with all of the comopany, I didn't get many pictures taken. My sister's family left yesterday. We celebrated the New Year here with family.
Sadie and T.S. took full advantage of Ashly and Brant being here--they played board games until Brant and Ashly could play no more. Sadie was excited to be back in her bed last night--but not for long. The relatives are stopping by tonight on their way home from Colorado. We are thinking of opening a bed and breakfast.
Seriously, it has been so fun to have everyone up to visit for the holidays. We are blessed to have spent time with so much of our family.
Happy New Year!! May 2009 find you surrounded by family and friends!
Also, Happy Bonza Bottler Day!! We are hosting out here this evening.

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