Thursday, January 15, 2009

What exactly is keeping us busy?

So it's Thursday and I haven't posted since Monday--what's keeping us busy?
  • Laundry--piles and piles from daily life and the stock show
  • Sadie--homework, basketball practice 4 show animals
  • Volunteering at school
  • Grocery shopping--for some strange reason my family thinks they need to eat
  • Stock show cleanup and prep for the county show this weekend
  • Necklace orders--the dining room table has disappeared again
  • T.S.--He had his weekly Bubble Fest yesterday. I wonder if they sell bubble stuff by the gallon

Tonight's agenda: supper with Cowboy 4-H Club as we gather all the animals that will head to the Randall County show this weekend.

Friday: We'll check our animals in at Canyon. The grandparents are arriving from Aledo for the big weekend.

Saturday: Show Day! Sadie is excited.

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