Thursday, September 3, 2009

Chicken Tales

This week has been an eventful week with the chickens. First, we had two very tiny eggs (on separate days) in the Leghorn pen--they had no yolks. I think this would be very marketable--yolk less eggs--you'd never have to separate them; they'd be great for recipes that required just the whites.

After having those two abnormal eggs, we had an unusually large egg--it had a double yolk. I guess that made up for the yolk less ones.

Finally, T.S.'s tiny game hen (for lack of a better word), Bob, is laying eggs. (You'll recall we got them before Easter because I couldn't say no.)
T.S. was very excited that his chicken was laying eggs:
"Mom, can Bob lay me a chick?"
"No, she's too little and the rooster's too big."
"Oh, Bob can't lay me a chick because Bob's a boy."
"No honey, Bob is a girl."


Jen said...

I think I need to buy you guys a book of names--divided into genders!

Laura said...

You just need to learn how to tell if chickens are boys or girls (I've googled it--it's not pretty). That's what happens when you have to name animals before it is apparent what they are...BTW Uncle Sally is doing well.