Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fall Fun

C.W. came home with us after school today. Sadie, T.S. and C.W. enjoyed picking our "big" pumpkins (they aren't very big, though, because the gardener didn't water them like she should have).
The kids enjoyed counting the little pumpkins that I picked this weekend. Sadie was the official counter as the boys attempted to drop them in and count. The final tally was 77 little pumpkins, 17 white pumpkins and 27 orange pumpkins. The only question now is where to put them. I'm pretty sure that Annie will drag them all over the yard since she is such a helpful puppy these days.


Jen said...

This is awesome! I am jealous of your pumpkins!

Bee Happy said...

Ok, I knew you were cooking up some fun this afternoon as I looked like I was a chicken with my head cut off. Look at ALL the pumpkins! Impressive farming I must say. Sadie, you look fabulous and I know you had a great time. Your new boots look cool too.

Janda Bressler said...

Awesome pumpkins! We have 1 pumpkin vine this year by accident but we are enjoying the pumpkins off of it. I need to plant little ones for next year.

Laura said...

Thanks, Jen.
Chrsity, we had fun. C.W. had been missing T.S.
Janda--how cool, accidental pumpkins!