Wednesday, September 16, 2009

You've got to be kidding

Sadie has outgrown her boots. It's time to show her lambs, and she needs boots. We stopped at our "local" western store yesterday--they didn't have her size. So today we went all the way to Amarillo to see if the other store had them. They did not. That meant a trip to the chain western store. We told him Sadie's current tennis shoe size...he checked...none in her size. He suggested we try a small women's size. I laughed to myself thinking, no way, we'll have to drive across town to the other store or make due with what I have.

Well, Sadie bought a women's size 6 boot. We're taking donations for the boot and shoe fund now.

I was a little put out that our local guys didn't think of trying on a women's size. I'd much rather give them our money than the chain store.


Janda said...

Pretty soon you and her will be sharing shoes!

Laura said...

Janda--I'm hopiong she hits my size long enough to buy really cute shoes, but not long enough to wear them out!