Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Week in Review

This week was another fast but good one.
  • T.S. and Sadie were both recognized for character counts. Teachers choose students who exemplify good character. Those students are announced on Friday morning--they get their picture taken, a treat and a crow (that lists their name and what they are being recognized for) on the wall around the scarecrow.
  • Sadie got to make sound on her saxophone (pictures soon).
  • Dance/cheer class started and Sadie is working hard with her lambs to get ready for the Tri State Fair in two weeks.
  • T.S. still really likes Kindergarten. He is big on the rules and procedures. He is in charge of snacks next week.
  • A dove flew into my car today as I was headed to town. Some nice people at the gas station in Amarillo pointed it out to me. They seemed very disturbed by it. I just smiled and said, "That happens sometimes." They just looked at me in disbelief. Robby was kind enough to pull it out for me when he got home. In hindsight, I'm wishing I would have said, "Yes, I know. It's dove season."
  • Robby and the kids have hunted once this week--they were disappointed with only bagging one bird. T.S. used his BB gun to shoot dragonflies. "I pretended they were doves and pheasants."

We're planning on getting together with friends this evening. Tomorrow, Robby is helping a friend cook brisket and will be gone most of the day. Monday it's business as usual--we have school.

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Hi, I've visited and enjoyed your blog. Success for you.