Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Snake Tale

Friday I went to the barn to help mom get the grain truck out so she could start sowing wheat. Mom opened the door to the grain truck and announced we had a problem. Lots of things went through my mind. I walked over, and, sure enough, we did have a problem. Wouldn't you call three snake skins in the floor and behind the seat a problem?

On further inspection, we found another skin coming out of the grill of the truck. I announced that Robby would sure have fun with this. He cleaned out all of the skins and found no snake. Saturday morning, T.S. and Robby went back to the barn to get the truck. Guess what was on the floor?

A fresh (still damp) snake skin.

Guess where the truck is?
That's right, in the barn.

On another note--we are still here and busy--Tri State Fair is this weekend, so be on the watch for fun fair photos.


~PakKaramu~ said...

Visiting your blog

Jen said...

Crazy! Josie and Jake are very interested in this story.

Laura said...

I'll try to take pictures of the snake skins. I forgot they were in the pickup and I about had a heart attack when I was moving mom a while ago.