Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meet Honey

Meet Honey:
She is a Yorkshire gilt (Yorks make great mothers.). In January, Sadie will show her in the county's breeding show. We hope to breed her in the spring so we'll have our own show pigs next year. I hope Sadie enjoys being in the pig business as much as I did when I was younger. Robby still has to find two barrows (boys) for Sadie to show at the county show and at Fort Worth. It's an exciting time of zoo expansion around here.


Charlene said...

Sadie is going to love Honey. Ask Ashly about our pig farm when she was in 3rd grade. We were going to raise our own show pigs too! Didn't work out for us, maybe it will for you all. Good luck! Pigs are my favorite show animals by far. Our show is next weekend. Hope to take Josie and Jake with us.

Jen said...

She's beautiful! A great addition to the zoo!

Laura said...

Charlene and Jen--Thanks.
We are excited about the pig business. Hopefully it will work out since our usual breeders seem to be going up in price every year.
Charlene--hope the show goes well!