Monday, August 11, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Wow--what a weekend! We traveled to Ute Lake in New Mexico on Thursday for a weekend of fun in the sun. It was a combination church trip and celebration of Bodacious Bonza Bottler Day. We had so much fun as a family and with our friends whom we consider family.

Thursday evening we set up the tents but didn't get a chance to get on the water because of weather. Every evening we had to come in off of the lake because of the threat of storms. We were fortunate that the storms missed us; but did see some incredible lightning on Saturday evening.

On Friday everyone had a chance to go tubing behind the boat, ride the jet ski and swim in the cove. It is priceless to see Robby and the kids on the tube--grins from ear to ear. We heard everything from "Faster!" to "That was totally wicked!" So much fun.

On Saturday we awoke to a choppy lake so we found a cove that was protected on 3 sides and enjoyed swimming to shore and exploring. The kids even figured out how to bring rocks back from shore in their life jackets--crazy! Fortunately the lake did calm a little so there was a chance for more tubing followed by an afternoon fishing expedition with the Mercers. It was pretty hot, so no luck fishing, but we did see two deer on shore. Sadie topped her day off with a canoe ride.

Sunday was another fun day of tubing behind the jet ski and playing in the water in our cove. The kids were really disappointed when it was time to get out and pack up to go home. Every morning and evening we enjoyed great food and fellowship with all of our friends. We made some great memories and are looking forward to the next trip.

Special thanks to our friends the McBrooms for sharing their boat and toys with us. Also to the Mercers for taking us fishing. Odoms--we had fun--Thanks for the canoe rides; Sadie is hooked. Most importantly thanks for sharing the weekend with us. We had fun hanging out, eating and playing. I asked the kids what their favorite part was and neither could choose a favorite, they liked it all. We are ready for the next outing, just call.

For those of you who are wondering what Bonza Bottler Day is, go to the link and check it out-- We started celebrating it with our friends this year and have really enjoyed our time together each month. I encourage everyone to start celebrating--it gives you a reason to get together with your friends once a month.

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Jen said...

Fun! Fun! Fun! Can't wait to hear about it!