Monday, August 4, 2008


Yesterday we spent the afternoon at Ceta Canyon for our annual church picnic. We all enjoyed fishing at the pond and in the creek. Robby and the kids had fun swimming. We all had fun with our friends and had some great food--even zucchini pie (kind of like apple, but not really). I took a few pictures of Sadie's flips off of the diving board, but they didn't turn out--she has turned into quite a fish this summer.

Sadie's fish picture wasn't her biggest fish, it is just the one I had the camera ready for. If you look really closely in the water behind her you can see fish. We could see lots of fish from the bank. Robby got wet when he had to go into the pond after his pole. His action photos are of him and the catfish that took his pole in. I wasn't ready with the camera to get a picture of him going into the pond, but it was funny and made quite an impression on the kids that were with us. One of our friends' little boys that is 4 said he "wanted to go swimming and catch a fish like T.S.'s dad did."

Robby is very patient with all of us when it comes to fishing. Three things to note:

  1. Sadie baits her own line and tries really hard to get the fish off of the hook by herself

  2. T.S. does not to like to be photographed lately (that's why there aren't any great ones of him.) He was there and he did catch some fish; he just refused to have his picture made with the catch.

  3. I do not take my own fish off of the line (I do bait the hook, though).

We enjoyed our time together as a family and with our church family.

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Jennifer said...

I bait my own hook and take the fish off. Pretty impressive huh?