Monday, August 18, 2008

Why? Why not???

For those of you wondering why we thought we needed a donkey (see "Zoo Update" below), let me explain.

  1. He was free.
  2. We were told he doesn't need any supplemental feed--he'll graze on grass and weeds.
  3. Donkeys are supposed to be good at protecting other animals from coyotes. With our show lambs in the pens, they are protected, but the donkey will be "extra" security. He'll also serve as a body guard for the calves.
  4. He is pretty cute and there is a possibility we could someday break him and ride him--thus fulfilling Sadie's dream of owning a horse...sort of.
  5. I really am debating the whole zoo thing...we could have school groups, a petting zoo, t-shirts, cotton candy, souvenirs...I can see the possibilities now.


Jen said...

I think a zoo would be great. Pony rides. Train rides. Swimming in the stock tank. Pick your own vegetables. Putting green. The possibilities are endless.

Christy said...

Way to go!! I truly loved catching up. Thanks. I am inpsired to try to do this. I really love it. You do a great job of being a mom. Proud of and for you. A donkey too!! Sadie looked beautiful and TS is so funny. Love the pictures.