Monday, August 25, 2008

T.S. Said:

So, T.S. comes in the door and says, "Tunia can pull a wagon, right?"

Tunia is Petunia, our very old dog.

"No, I don't think so, " said Robby.

"I think her can," said T.S. in a sing-song voice with a look on his face and grin that can't even be described. And with that, he went back outside.

Thankfully, he hadn't hitched Petunia to the wagon, just her leash. I'm sure if he could have persuaded the dog to come over he would have gotten it done.

He had a great day today playing with Tryce. They are working on being friends with the donkey. Both boys helped pick the garden and check the chickens. Lots of adventures are in store for those two this year.

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Jen said...

TS-I bet you'll figure out a way to make Tunia do what you want. Love, Aunt Jen