Monday, August 25, 2008

Hello, Third Grade!

Sadie started third grade today. All went well and she was very excited when she got off of the bus this afternoon. She reports that the best part of the day was recess when they got to swing from the "vines" hanging from the trees. Apparently some of the smaller branches hang down at just the right height to really swing on them. Sadie also seemed pleased that they have moved over to the "big kid" playground.

Another highlight of the day was being "Pirate of the Day." She gets to be it again tomorrow since they didn't have time to do much work today. The theme for the third grade class is pirates--the whole elementary has a fantasy theme. Way cool stuff in the third grade classroom. We are looking forward to a fun challenging year.


Jeana said...

Hey, got to your blog through Christy. It sounds like ya'll had a fun summer. Lots of animals I bet is fun.


Jeana said...

Hey, I got to your blog through Christy's. It sounds like ya'll had a fun summer, so many animals to take care of I bet it is fun.


Jen said...

Dear Sadie,
thank you for the compliment I hope you had a great day too. Love, Josie

Cindy said...

Hi Sadie!
Wow! What a busy life you have with school, T.S., and Leonard! I was so happy to see your mom this last weekend and really wishing I could see you too, but I'm very glad your mom told me about your family blog. Now I can keep up with you and your busy family. Good luck with Leonard at the fair, and tell your Dad hi for me. Love, Cindy