Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Things to Ponder

Over the past few days, T.S. has had a lot of interesting questions and thoughts. Here is a sampling.
  • Do donkeys need horseshoes?

  • Are you supposed to be going this fast yet, Mama? (from the booster seat in the car)

  • When asked, do you need a towel to dry that car you just washed, "No, I shook it off."
  • He is also convinced that he and Tryce can ride Tryce's 4-wheeler to school next year and that they can get it in the air and do flips. (apparently he didn't take notes on four-wheeler safety on the 4th of July)
  • In Wal Mart he kept asking for everything he saw. When I continued to answer no, he announced, "I sure do want a lot of things."

Even though he is turning into quite a backseat driver, it is really fun to hear his thoughts as we go down the road and to look back and see him playing air guitar to the radio. I'm definitely going to have to start writing down what he says in the car. If we'd have written it all down from the start we'd have quite a book deal.

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April said...

Great pics and TS is crackin' me up!