Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Last Hurrah

The last two days have been busy ones trying to get one last fun thing into our summer. Yesterday the Johnson gang came to play, paint, giggle and enjoy the zoo. Today we had to go to the dentist, buy shoes, buy a shirt to show our lamb in, buy new boots (Sadie chose red with baby blue tops--the tops have hearts, too) and buy groceries.

If you were to ask Sadie and T.S., the most important part of our day was the trip to Jump-n-Jive. We had already planned the outing before the Miss Happy contest. Part of Sadie's "prize" for being second-runner up was two passes to Jump-n-Jive--this made the trip even better. The kids had a ball jumping and sliding. They were tired and sweaty by the time we left.

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Jen said...

How fun! Wish I had been there to go!