Thursday, September 25, 2008

The Adventures of Underwear Boy

T.S. still doesn't like to be photographed, but the past few days he has been working on building with his Pop-onz Blocks and allowed me to photograph the structures. I just happened to get him in a few.

I debated titling this Adventures of Underwear Boy or Pajama Boy--he loves to wear his pajamas everyday as long as he can (and who doesn't?). But, on a moment's notice, usually after being fully dressed, he often appears in just his underwear. We've been discussing that next year in Kindergarten, this is not appropriate, we must keep our clothes on at all times. To try to put into words what T.S. does on a daily basis would be futile. Let's just say he comes up with lots of great ideas, has fun most of the time and is generally a hoot.

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