Sunday, September 14, 2008

The BBQ Bus

The bus is finally finished. Robby and his students have worked very hard on it the past year. They took it to the Ag. Mechanics Contest at the Tri-State Fair in Amarillo where it placed Reserve Grand Champion overall. It has been a project that has involved all of the Ag classes, most of the school and a good part of the community. We can hardly wait to get to test it out.

As you can see, they took off part of the shell of an old school bus and replaced it with a cooker made out of a huge propane tank. One half of the cooker is powered by propane to grill. The other half is a smoker. The round fire box on the back of the bus has an inverted top that serves as a wok for cooking (or as a seat for Sadie and T.S. at the fair).
It was very hard to photograph inside the barn, once we get it home and outside I'll take pictures so you can see the detail better.

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That may be the coolest bus I have ever seen. I think I'm going to add one of those to my Christmas list.