Friday, September 19, 2008

Kitten Update

We have now had two successful feedings. After Googling "raising orphan kittens," I found out that caring for kittens this little requires lots more than just bottle feeding. Here is what we learned:
  • After feeding, you are supposed to burp the kitten. Everything I read suggests putting them on your shoulder and patting their back. If that doesn't work and they are bloated you can give them infant gas drops. (crazy) T.S.: "How are we supposed to know they burped?" Me: "I have no idea."
  • Baby kittens need to be stimulated after eating so they will take care of business (poop and pee). Mama cats do this by gently licking the bottom, etc. Sadie: "Do we have to lick them?" We have been attempting to gently rub with a soft cloth for the desired effect.
  • Supposedly it is really important not to miss that "midnight" feeding.

We did see the mama cat tonight, I ran outside with the box of kittens--she ran off. I left them out there for a little while, but it was getting cool and the kids started crying so I brought them back in. Hopefully the kids will have settled on names tomorrow. Sadie says she is naming hers Sally and Tally. T.S. can't decide between Lightning, Fred, Tiger and Flashlight. Me: "Flash would be a great name." T.S.: "No, I said Flashlight."

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