Tuesday, September 30, 2008


The boys and I just finished a rousing game of Razbilly. The only equipment you need is a bouncy ball--ours was a baseball-sized hard rubber one. T.S. came up with the name and the following rules:
  • You have to throw/bounce the ball to the other person--if they catch it, you win.
  • You may use certain moves, such as the frog dance to help you catch the ball.

    It was very exciting. When I was throwing the ball to T.S. he would quietly repeat, "I hope her wins, I hope her wins." He tried very hard to catch the ball every time because he wanted me to win.

    C.W. caught a few balls but mainly served as the cheering section. When someone wins, you cheer very loudly and wildly for them. I'm sure Razbilly will catch on and be the next sensation--probably even an Olympic sport someday.


Jen said...

Did her win? Sounds like fun; wish we were there to play too!

Laura said...

Of course "her" won! T.S. caught the ball several times.