Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's that sound I hear?

Today is Saturday and the kids and I are tired. After sleeping later than usual, we've done a little laundry and taken care of the animals. That involved cleaning out Wilbur's house and applying more sunscreen on him. Yes, I said sunscreen. Pigs like to lay out in the sun--white ones like Wilbur will sunburn, so you have to apply sunscreen. (I know, crazy, we have clothes for the lambs and sunscreen--SPF 50--for the pig).
The kids were in the computer room and I was in the living room, when all of the sudden I heard giggling and laughing. From my kids? At the same time? I went to investigate and found both of them, in one chair, playing games on the computer and enjoying each other's company. Way cool! They even let me try a few games--the kids are both better at them than me. You can go to Fun Brain for lots of good games for all ages, some of them even educational.

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Ashly said...

I remember putting sunscreen on pigs! OH the
I fixed my comment thing.
Hope all is going well.