Thursday, September 4, 2008

What we did today

    Here is a sampling of what C.W., T.S. and I did today.

  1. "Fed" Tom Duncan and the calves--the goodwill measure of giving cake to the donkey continues (the donkey is still not letting us close)
  2. Played play-doh--even mixed colors (those of you who know me know that is a big deal)

  3. Played baseball

  4. Checked the chickens

  5. Played outside

  6. Ate spaghetti

  7. NAPS (except me)
  8. Had a snack with Sadie when she got home (T.S. was still asleep)

  9. Caught the lambs, walked the lambs, set up the lambs, fed the lambs (T.S. still asleep; Sadie did all of the work with the lambs, C.W. and I just observed)

  10. TV time--we love PBS in the afternoon (T.S. decided to wake up with a little coaxing from C.W. and me)
  11. Early supper
  12. Meeting at church--kids went too
  13. BED!!!

What a fun day, can't wait to see what happens tomorrow.

1 comment:

Jen said...

Makes me tired just to read it. :)TS and Sadie are lucky to have such a wonderful Mama!