Friday, September 19, 2008


On Wednesday, we were helping mom get ready to plant wheat. Robby arrived at the field in the old grey work pickup. He said he'd had quite a shock when the cat jump up on the dashboard. He got out and the cat followed quickly. She is a wild mama cat that gets close enough so we know she is around, but no closer. We all wondered why she was in the pickup--which hasn't been used lately.

When mom got in the pickup to come home for lunch today she heard a strange sound and thought "oh no, the cat's here again." To her surprise it wasn't the cat, but 4 baby kittens. We put them in a box by the garage hoping the mama will find them soon. They are really cute--still have closed eyes. If she doesn't find them soon, Robby is buying kitten milk replacer. I guess we'll get to play mama cat.

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Jen said...

How cute! What a fun surprise!