Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Process

This is Sadie feeding Biscuit. We thought we'd try putting a stuffed animal near them to mimic the mom. They seem to want to stretch out and rest their paws on something when eating. It is challenging to get them to take the syringe. Sadie took all of the pictures (except for the one she is in).

The gray one is Tally and the darker one is Tiger.

Sally eating. The last picture is me rubbing Sally trying to get her to do her business--Sadie thought it was important for everyone to see the whole process. Her kittens are Sally and Tally. So far we've gotten them to pee, but no poop. We are hoping for that this afternoon, otherwise there may be some issues.


CSuzaaneJ said...

Just when I REALLY think the Bows can't possibly find other pets, they do. God knows that you are the perfect place for them. They are Soooo cute. Great pics Sadie. I would like to put you on the Yearbook staff in 6 years or so. Keep up the good work. T. S.'s comments are so cute and the crossed arms in the picture, the same.

Jen said...

I love your kittens I wish one of them

Jen said...

i think your cat looks cute and
pretty i know a name for T.S.'s cat--tansey.
love, mabry